In Riga, Latvia (2009).


I was born in Athens, Greece under a Sun in Virgo and Leo rising. My Moon is in Taurus, my Venus is in Leo.

My journey through adolescence pointed me in becoming a professional engineer dealing with ships, the sea/water element and foreign cultures.

After completing university studies in the U.K., I worked for nine years in Greece as a naval architect – marine consultant. In early 2006 I relocated to South Korea for supervising shipbuilding projects. Later on I moved to Riga, Latvia to head the local station for a leading maritime organization. At the same time I supplemented my academic credentials with an MBA degree from a U.S. business school.

Over the Atlantic ocean cruising towards New York’s JFK airport, with my sister; summer of 2009.

I returned to South Korea early 2012 to head the Area of Korea & Japan for a competitor organization. In the last quarter of 2013 I was transferred to Singapore on the same role, where I remained until mid-2015. Since then I freelance in Athens, Greece patiently looking for the next opportunity to (yet again) relocate abroad; this will allow me to connect the dots even further forward.

I have a lovely sister and a wonderful niece and nephew. Electronic music intensely transcends through my veins. I adore cats and hope one day to have a dog. Cross-continental travel is a much sought-after luxury, while a black single espresso after breakfast a permitted necessity. I prefer to cook at home and lately strive to become physically stronger, healthier by relentlessly working to reverse my T2DM.

Above all, I consider the path of inner spiritual development as the cornerstone of my existence in the present incarnation.