Haeundae beach.
부산 / Busan

Busan is one of the best places in Asia. It is a very dynamic city, in a beautiful natural environment. Its people have entrepreneurship in their blood, but the city also possesses strong cultural talents and interests.

Proximity to the whole south part of the Korean peninsula is another asset the city offers, as well as of course the ease to hop on a plane or jet ferry and be in no-time to Fukuoka, Japan across the strait.

HanWha apartment block, in Centum City area, where I used to stay during 2012-2013.

I had the privilege to work and live in South Korea for about six years in total, so far. I loved life there, and ended up with a genuine thirst to move back permanently so that I share my time between Asia and Europe (something which has yet to materialize).

Korea is a fascinating country and culture, albeit brutally difficult at times to comprehend and accept (for us with a significant Western origin and/or background). But if one looks way beyond the surface as he/she spends more time in the land of morning calm, a highly sentimental and pretty complex layer of the Korean society will start to gradually unveil itself.

With Koreans, everything comes slowly – just like peeling off an onion (actually the onion metaphore is usually used to describe the Japanese, who are even more difficult and slow in widely opening up to other cultures).

More content to be added soon.

Gwangan bridge.

Loyal friend. The name of this adorable golden retriever is Won-Doo (원두) which means ‘coffee bean’.

Decoration at a cafe in Busan.