Leaving West Australia’s coastline behind us (2014).


We come in the world with nothing and take nothing with us when the time comes to leave. This certainly holds true for material possessions. But how about energies or other skills and abilities?

Another thing to consider is karma. Karma is very important in life. It is the sum of all deeds and experiences so far, in our present but also in all our past incarnations on planet Earth. Karma is action. Karma is character. One may then wonder – where does proof for real evolution of our soul lie during the current incarnation?

Once I was told that the collective savings of all skills gained, abilities and wide spectrum situations which we have successfully managed and/or attained in a lifetime, are carried with us in any next incarnation(s). All these abilities are never wasted, lost or diminished – they may only be ‘upgraded’.

And that’s all before one begins to question him/herself about matters such as consciousness or the Self…

Pretty heavy topic, and I am anything but a noble man; however I plan to add thoughts and opinions here as life moves along.

Dusk settles in beautifully. Paros island, Greece.

Ayurveda is the ancient Hindu system of medicine and well-being. It is essentially a knowledge system, it provides and sets out principles. What do I need, if I do have that, what is my ability to give, what the needs of my surroundings and environment, and finally how I can act under the right ideas, either for me or for my environment (which of course includes others around me).

In Ayurveda we have the five (5) elements, the three (3) body energies (doshas) and the three (3) mental energies. The five elements are space, air, fire, water, earth. They seem simplistic at first glance but in actual fact they are pretty dynamic. As a first example we can think of granite, or a red hot chili pepper.

Frozen bay. Keilaranta Marina Oy; Helsinki, Finland.

Then we have the three body energies, e.g. how we are digesting the food, or how oxygen moves in our brain. These three energies are called Vata, Pita and Kapha. Every one of us, as well as every person we meet in life, has a mix of these energies as his/her basic ‘constitution’. For example, one person may be ‘Pita-Vata’ type. In total there are seven (7) different constitution types.

Our constitution as well as the planetary placements at the exact time of birth are things we come with in life, each of these two things being distinctive for our life path and thus each having its own respective effect along the way. Thus for every person it certainly has to do with the time and place at which they are born.

Time does not really exist but to our eyes it flies. So once used up there is no way to get it back…

Next we have the three mind energies, which are Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. Kindly note the use of the word ‘mind’ instead of the word ‘brain’ – these are two distinct things. Now, Tamas is the very basic energy, which in a nutshell says “…it is all about me, things will happen this way only because I say so…” Rajas is in comparison less egotistic but still the ‘I’ is quite predominant.

Finally, Sattva, is the energy state in which we see things as they truly are. To be in this state we need (a) to accept who we are, i.e. to understand and accept our constitution, and (b) to meditate, to use breathing techniques (yoga) and to have proper nutrition according to our own constitution.

Art enriches the soul.

Our mind always remains in the five elements, “…me and my body…”, etc. These five elements are constantly changing. Often we wake up in the morning complaining about a variety of things that happen in our lives. To who are we complaining? To the sun? At the same time, we absorb oxygen or light from the Universe. What do we give out? What are we useful in? We seldom think what right may we have to hang around in this world for so many years. Instead we want, want, want.

This is why leaving everyone else alone and going back to our inner self is the right action.

Explore inside first and foremost, not outside. Jinju island international airport, South Korea.